Starting your own book club in a jiffy

What if you want to start a book club? Take attention with the next questions.

How many members?

Anywhere from 5-12 is preferable for the start. As time goes on, more members can be added, but a smaller number guarantees that all members will be able to join in the discussion. Among these, you should choose a group host and a discussion leader.

Should we name our club?

Names are a great way to personalize a book club. It’s also a nice way for members to feel as though they are a part of something special. Draw inspiration from the types of books the group is reading.

How often should we meet?

Most book clubs are held monthly, giving members enough time to make sure everyone can arrive on the given day. There are no strict rules to this, so your club can meet however often you want.

Where to hold discussions?

Book Clubs can meet anywhere from a member’s house to a library or cafe. Add variety by allowing each host to choose the meeting place.

What books should the club read?

Book clubs can center on any subject. Romance, traveling, and poetry are common, though groups can focus on virtually anything. Just make sure to choose a subject that all members will enjoy and have fun with.

Begin you’re own book club, like these gentlemen did