Baked: A Novel – A Dark Comedy with a Green Tint


Baked: A Novel – A Dark Comedy with a Green Tint

“One bullet can really fuck up your day.”
―Mark Haskell Smith, Baked

baked1-196x300Baked: A Novel has all the proper ingredients for a deviant good time: mystery, murder, intrigue, and copious amounts of high quality marijuana. The green-thumbed protagonist, Miro Basinas, while interesting and likable, is overshadowed by the delightful cast of secondary characters. Author Mark Haskell Smith offers a wide array of colourful and unique individuals that are very identifiable. So much so, that most readers will find at least one imperfection in themselves that they see in these characters.


Needless to say, this book is not intended for a younger audience. The main character is a pseudo “mad scientist” of a bloke that is quite gifted when it comes to cultivating proper dench weed. Coming in at 288 pages, it is a relatively easy read with enough of a plot and an interesting enough array of characters to keep you turning the pages.

The book wastes no time getting into the action. In fact, it begins with Miro getting shot – an event that sets off many more to follow. Why would anyone have beef with some pothead? Well, Miro is not just any pot smoker that grows his own stash. A month prior, he achieved the stoner Holy Grail by winning Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup with his new strain of weed called Elephant Crush (a reference to the practice of Elephant crushing). The search for who shot him and why leads to the introduction of a string of interesting characters, including a cop that seems to like string-theory a little too much.

As for the author, Mark Haskell Smith, this latest offering is up to par with his notoriously dark sense of humor. Also par for the course is Smith’s unabashed affection for marijuana. Often the central theme in Smith’s works,Baked: A Novel is no exception.

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